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Returns the index position of the last exact match of re in the list, searching backward from index position from . If from is -1 (the default), the search starts at the last item. Returns -1 if no item matched.

See also indexOf ().

This function removes duplicate entries from a list. The entries do not have to be sorted. They will retain their original order.

Returns the number of removed entries.

Returns a string list where every string has had the before text replaced with the after text wherever the before text is found. The before text is matched case-sensitively or not depending on the cs flag.

For example:

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Replaces every occurrence of the regexp rx , in each of the string lists's strings, with after . Returns a reference to the string list.

For regular expressions that contain Sue Lucky baby girls fashion cute boutique tutu party ballet dress clothing wholsale Clearance Classic Buy Cheap Shop Zhj8aVz00
, occurrences of \1 , \2 , ..., in after are replaced with rx .cap(1), rx .cap(2), ...

Replaces every occurrence of the regular expression re , in each of the string lists's strings, with after . Returns a reference to the string list.

For regular expressions that contain capturing groups, occurrences of \1 , \2 , ..., in after are replaced with the string captured by the corresponding capturing group.

Sorts the list of strings in ascending order. If cs is Qt::CaseSensitive (the default), the string comparison is case sensitive; otherwise the comparison is case insensitive.

Sorting is performed using the STL's std::sort() algorithm, which averages Where To Buy Best Place To Buy Serene Canvas Shoes Nice Zapatos Mujer Casual Shoes Cheap Classic Free Shipping Supply wSmjq
, i.e. O( n log n ).

If you want to sort your strings in an arbitrary order, consider using the wholesale OEM stylish casual flat high top zipper leather flower man shoes Really CnxV13P2iL
class. For example, you could use a Footaction Sale Online Real Anne aeng summer sandals Hoof heels square toe casual Outlet Cheapest Discount In China z0zcfqHesZ
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, QString > to create a case-insensitive ordering (e.g. with the keys being lower-case versions of the strings, and the values being the strings), or a QMap <int, QString > to sort the strings by some integer index.

Returns a string list that is the concatenation of this string list with the other string list.

Appends the given string, str , to this string list and returns a reference to the string list.

Appends the other string list to the string list and returns a reference to the latter string list.

Copy assignment operator from QList < QString >. Assigns the other list of strings to this string list.

For complex numbers, equality is defined as equivalent to:

Equality for struct objects means the logical product of all equality results of the corresponding object fields. If all struct fields use bitwise equality, the whole struct equality could be optimized to one memory comparison operation (the existence of alignment holes in the objects is accounted for, usually by setting them all to 0 upon initialization).

For class and struct objects, the expression (a == b) is rewritten as a.opEquals(b) , and (a != b) is rewritten as !a.opEquals(b) .

For class objects, the == and != operators are intended to compare the contents of the objects, however an appropriate opEquals override must be defined for this to work. The default opEquals provided by the root Object class is equivalent to the is operator. Comparing against null is invalid, as null has no contents. Use the is and !is operators instead.

For static and dynamic arrays, equality is defined as the lengths of the arrays matching, and all the elements are equal.

The is compares for identity. To compare for nonidentity, use e1 !is e2 . The type of the result is bool . The operands undergo the Usual Arithmetic Conversions to bring them to a common type before comparison.

For class objects, identity is defined as the object references are for the same object. Null class objects can be compared with is .

For struct objects and floating point values, identity is defined as the bits in the operands being identical.

For static and dynamic arrays, identity is defined as referring to the same array elements and the same number of elements.

For other operand types, identity is defined as being the same as equality.

The identity operator is cannot be overloaded.

First, the Usual Arithmetic Conversions are done on the operands. The result type of a relational expression is bool .

For class objects, the result of Object.opCmp() forms the left operand, and 0 forms the right operand. The result of the relational expression (o1 op o2) is:

It is an error to compare objects if one is null .

For static and dynamic arrays, the result of the relational op is the result of the operator applied to the first non-equal element of the array. If two arrays compare equal, but are of different lengths, the shorter array compares as "less" than the longer array.

Integer comparisons happen when both operands are integral types.

It is an error to have one operand be signed and the other unsigned for a < , < = , > or > = expression. Use casts to make both operands signed or both operands unsigned.

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Well-designed initiatives and digital tools consider the particular structures and needs that exist in each country, region and community. Dedicating time and resources to analyze the ecosystem, or context where you work, helps to ensure that selected technology tools will be relevant and sustainable and will not duplicate existing efforts. Ecosystems are defined by the culture, gender norms, political environment, economy, technology infrastructure and other factors that can affect an individual’s ability to access and use a technology or to participate in an initiative. Initiatives that do not account for ecosystem challenges are less likely to achieve their objectives or scale. This may also lead to unintended consequences. The ecosystem is fluid, multifaceted and ever-changing, requiring that digital development practitioners regularly analyze the context to check their assumptions.

Explore this principle by: QX5527 Letters embroidery stitching dress girls spring fashion dress Clearance Footlocker Pictures Outlet Top Quality gEOdbe
Project Lifecycle Wide Range Of Sale Online Buy Cheap Big Discount 2018 Ladies outdoor comfortable woman sport jogging shoes Outlet Best Place Clearance Online Amazon Discounts Cheap Price n2TyWR
Engage with your target users and consult existing research to develop an understanding Coordinate with other implementing organizations, civil society and the government aligns with existing technological, legal and regulatory policies Involve community members, donors, local and national governments, and other implementing organizations Monitor the ecosystem

Project Lifecycle

The following recommendations, tips and resources are drawn from the digital development community to give you options for applying this Principle during each phase of the project lifecycle. This guidance is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather suggests actions you can take to apply this Principle in your work. If you have other tips, resources or comments to add, please share them with the community at the Digital Principles Forum .
Analyze Plan Unisex Outlet For Sale QZYERAI selling summer ladies square slippers outdoor Cheap 100% Original Ta0TKMkP
Deploy Implement 2016 Wholesale fashion boy sports shoes safety shoes Cheap Low Price PnHMT
Throughout the project lifecycle, monitor the ecosystem for changes, and adapt your initiative or tool to those changes. Contextual factors, such as political stability, peace and security, and technology infrastructure, such as mobile network strength and reliability, can all shift rapidly. Your evaluation is informed by your theory of change and should take into consideration how your initiative or digital tool has influenced or changed the ecosystem, as well as what effect the ecosystem, or changes to it, had on outcomes.
Monitor identified assumptions or risks in order to adapt your initiative. Evaluate for intended and unintended outcomes, as well as other contributing factors that may account for results.
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